Monday, November 2, 2009

A Twitter/DRM Experiment

A Twitter user imposed strict rules for his followers. All of the rules reflected this person's particular preferences about how exactly his Twitter feed should be used. I'm not certain that this is any kind of valid test of anything, but his conclusions jibe with much of what DocMonk stands for. For instance:
Pushing anyone into a corner with no other alternatives will make that person see the odds as “I’ve got nothing to lose by fighting back.” Right now, the technical skills to break eBook copy-protection are not widespread. If you cage your customers, they’ll become “Nothing to lose” combatants and will seek out the tools to break your DRM. They might even turn spiteful and go pirate, uploading those files for others. Most users who crack DRM simply do it in order to be able to read on more than one device they have paid for. This is private-use “piracy” (in sensible minds, this is called Buyer’s Fair Use!). Don’t push them into becoming outright outlaws!
The rest is here.

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