Thursday, September 17, 2009

29 Ideas for PDF Documents to Personalize

Below are 29 ideas for PDF documents that you may want to personalize before sharing with others.

Personalizing a document is an example of Social DRM. It is perfect for situations where you don't want the information in the document to spread beyond its intended recipients, but you also don't want to insult or inconvenience people either.

You probably trust your friends, family, coworkers and customers; but not 100% and not all the time. For relationships like these, personalizing a PDF document is a great strategy for protecting your work because it is proportional to the threat. You don't need an expensive, heavy-handed and inconvenient DRM solution. You just need the ability to let your recipients know that you care about sharing, and a way to trace back any shared copies that end up in the wrong hands or on the internet.

Certainly you wouldn't need to personalize all of these types of documents all the time. But in many cases, doing so could give you piece of mind:
  1. Reports
  2. Manuscripts
  3. Newsletters
  4. Business Plans
  5. Legal Documents
  6. Health Records
  7. Resumes
  8. RFPs
  9. Compensation Plans
  10. Memos
  11. Ebooks
  12. Computer Code
  13. Financial Statements
  14. Schematics
  15. Tax Records
  16. Invitations (for an exclusive party)
  17. Manuals
  18. Ballots/Voting
  19. Company Policies/Handbooks
  20. ScreenPlays
  21. Schedules
  22. Insurance Forms
  23. Itineraries
  24. Meeting Minutes
  25. Treasure Maps
  26. Academic Papers
  27. Software Design
  28. Performance Reviews
  29. Price Lists
Obviously this list is a small sample of the possibilities. Remember to use for simple, one time jobs and DocMonk for robust PDF personalization and delivery.

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