Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Sony Steps up with Wireless E-Reader to Rival the Kindle

I think it's a sure thing that e-books are going to change the high-value newsletters and reports industry in a big way. It's important to pay attention to these developments. With that in mind. . .

From cnet:
Sony on Tuesday announced its first e-book reader with built-in wireless capability. The new Reader Daily Edition offers an integrated 3G wireless connection, allowing it to access Sony's online bookstore as well as yet-to-be-announced newspaper and magazine subscriptions. The unit--which boasts a 7-inch touch screen (displayable in portrait or landscape mode)--will sell for $399 when it debuts in December. Wireless service is provided by AT&T with no direct charge to the customer.

It looks like Sony has learned a lot from the Kindle, which was a big hit mostly because the built-in wireless capability made it much more user-friendly.

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