Monday, August 31, 2009

Font Snobs

Some connoisseurs of all things font are "outraged" over Ikea's decision to use Verdana as their new official font. Verdana of course was invented by Microsoft and is freely available.

It's interesting that some critics call Ikea "cheap" for choosing a free font. Undoubtedly others are just hating on all things Microsoft.

A question: Would anybody accuse Idea of being "cheap" if they used open source software? What exactly is the difference?

Also, isn't Ikea's cheapness part of its corporate image?

Anyway, this reminded me of this article from the Wall Street Journal about another infamous font: Comic Sans.

I think as an information publisher, your goal should be to avoid these debates entirely. In response to the Ikea flap, Fast Company has published a list of six fonts that people love to hate. Perhaps you should have a "banned font" list in your organization?

You never know who may be looking down their nose, stroking their chin, tut-tutting you for your choice of font.

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